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What was your favorite Beatles era?
Beatlemania (Please Please Me through Hard Day's Night)
2 Votes ( 67% )
Post-Beatlemania (Beatles for Sale through Rubber Soul)
1 Votes ( 33% )
Psychedelia (Revolver through Magical Mystery Tour)
0 Votes ( 0% )
Post-Psychedelia ("White Album" through Let It Be)
0 Votes ( 0% )
Total Votes: 3
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IN THE STUDIO: U.S. Rep. Tom Cole

U.S. Representative Tom Cole stopped by the Southern Oklahoma Radio Center on Wednesday to discuss issues up in Washington D.C. while Congress is on break. He covered a number of topics with our News Director, Kevin Kerr. Here the full interview on the article page.

News Headlines - August 21

Hampton tells media drug trafficking stops on I-35 are on the rise; Driver involved in Sherman wreck Monday arrested for DWI; U.S. Rep. Tom Cole talks with SORC News Director on D.C. Hot Topic issues

Sports Headlines - August 21

KD may ink HUGE deal with Under Armour; Jim Kelly shows 'no evidence' of remaining cancer