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What was your favorite Beatles era?
Beatlemania (Please Please Me through Hard Day's Night)
2 Votes ( 67% )
Post-Beatlemania (Beatles for Sale through Rubber Soul)
1 Votes ( 33% )
Psychedelia (Revolver through Magical Mystery Tour)
0 Votes ( 0% )
Post-Psychedelia ("White Album" through Let It Be)
0 Votes ( 0% )
Total Votes: 3
* Trivia answer found on GTO VIDEOS page

News Headlines - April 16

Motion to withdraw Holland's resignation is denied; Exotic animal park in Wynnewood slapped with more infractions

Sports Headlines - April 16

Fielder breaks homerless streak with win over Mariners; Clips win against Denver, putting pressure on Thunder game tonight

News Headlines - April 11

Two teens arrested after stealing Jeep, leading troopers on two-county chase; Fire burns acreage, department vehicle in Love County; Five being inducted into Chickasaw Hall of Fame