News Headlines - April 22

Manhunt prompts lockdown of Madill schools on Monday

One person is in custody and two are still on the loose after a manhunt yesterday that prompted a lock down of Madill schools.

Authorities say they went to investigate some suspicious individuals at the Madill Wal-Mart and found a U-Haul that had been reported stolen from Dallas. When they approached to investigate, two men jumped out of the truck and ran into a wooded area.

The Sheriff’s office, Madill police and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol flight team are assisting with the search for the two men.

A woman, Jennifer Oneill was taken into custody when the truck was investigated, but the two men remain at large.

Yesterday, schools were placed on lockdown because authorities didn’t know how dangerous the two men were. The school lies just outside of where the search area is, but officials thought it best to take every precaution.

The two men are still at large.

Former Coalgate teacher facing aggravated assault charges after incident with special needs student

A Coalgate school employee has turned in her resignation after she allegedly abused a special needs student.

Officials say Karen long, a paraprofessional at the high school reportedly verbally and physically abused a student when she allegedly called the student several curse words and also twisted his arm when it was “inside his book bag.”

Witnesses also say this is not the first time Long has lashed out at students, saying she would “blow up” on other occasions as well.

Long is no longer an employee of the school and has been charged with aggravated assault and battery, which is a felony. She could face up to 5 years in prison.

Long is due in court on May 22nd.


Scott O'Brien