News Headlines - July 10

Federal, State agencies open investigation regarding Molly Miller and Colt Haynes

Almost exactly a year after the disappearance of Molly Miller and Colt Haynes, it seems as if new evidence has surface as state and federal agencies have begun a new investigation.

Yesterday morning, multiple federal and state agencies were seen on Longhollow Road in Love County, but information is scarce as to exactly what they were doing. OSBI did admit, though, that they are conducting a full investigation into the disappearance and possible homicides of Molly Miller and Cold Haynes in south central Oklahoma.

Craig Ladd reportedly made a formal request that OSBI begin the investigation, citing new evidence.

In a press release released by OSBI, it states that, “Leads recently surfaced that could prove helpful in this case. OSBI agents and various other law enforcement officers are currently running those leads. Because this is an open criminal investigation, no specific details on the case can be released at this point.”

The full press release can be read to the left.

Also,  Klein Investigations and Consulting released a statement Tuesday evening, saying "Investigators are aware of police activity on Longhollow Road - being both Federal Agents and Oklahoma Highway Patrol. We want to say publicly that the citizens of Oklahoma should be very proud of the team at the Oklahoma Highway Patrol, the ATF, the US Marshals and the FBI. These men and women we believe  are fully dedicated to finding Molly and Colt - and you the citizen should be very proud of these men and women.

"After now six weeks of investigation, and over 200 interviews, and after the review of physica evidence, investigators would like to announce three names that we consider 'persons of interest' in the Molly Miller disappearance. They are:
a) James Conn Nipp - Held in custody of the State
b) Jennifer Nipp - Living in Love County Oklahoma
c) Colby Barrick - Living in Love County Oklahoma

"Mr. Nipp, Ms. Nipp and Mr. Barrick have refused to make any statements to investigators.

"We do not make this statement lightly and we ask for their cooperation and their legal counsel's cooperation."

KIC is a private investigators service out of north Texas that was hired two months ago to investigate Miller and Haynes' disappearance.

James Conn Nipp, the number one person of interest in the investigation, pled guilty yesterday to charges connected to a high-speed chase and was sentenced to 10 years in prison with 10 years probation.

Denison teacher charged with inappropriate relationship with student

A Former Denison teacher was arrested for an improper relationship with a student yesterday after she admitted to having multiple encounters with a student, some of which took place in the classroom.

Julie Bollinger, a 34-year-old former teacher at Denison High School, was arrested on the charge. An affidavit says that Bollinger resigned after she was confronted by Denison ISD administrators in May.

She didn’t admit to having a sexual relationship with the student until after rumors surfaced in June that there was a video of the two having sex. The affidavit also says the day she resigned, she had another encounter with the teen.

The School district notified authorities immediately after hearing the accusations and the Texas State Board of Educator Certification was also made aware of the situation.

Bollinger turned herself in yesterday to the Coleman County Sheriff’s Office and was later released on a $20,000 bond. If convicted, she could face up to 20 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.


Scott O'Brien