Sports Headlines - June 9

Heat cool down the Spurs with
win in San Antonio

The Heat managed to cool down the Spurs high last night with a close win in San Antonio, 98-96, evening up the Finals series at one game apiece.

The Air Conditioning was fixed and Lebron James had no signs of cramping or less-than-stellar playing as he had 35 points and 10 rebounds in the game. He was followed by Chris Bosh with 18 points and Dwyane Wade with 14.

James went 14 of 22 from the field and was 1-for-4 with three turnovers in a shaky first quarter. But he made 11 of his next 13 shots, alleviating any doubt that might have built for Heat fans.

While James was having one of his best Finals performances, Bosh was only biding his time until the right moment. With 1:18 left on the clock, Bosh made the go-ahead 3-pointer on a pass from James to essentially seal the deal.

Despite the loss, the Spurs still played quite well. Tony Parker had 21 points and Tim Duncan had 18 with 15 rebounds, who had won eight straight at home by at least 15 points. Manu Ginobili finished with 19 points for the Spurs, including some key shots toward the end of the game that kept San Antonio within striking distance.

In fact, the Spurs led the Heat with just under two minutes left by a point, but James’ onslaught pulled them into the lead.

Game three will be in Miami tomorrow night.

Adam Silver addresses A/C issues in San Antonio, Donald Sterling controversy in first Finals address

In his first NBA Finals Address, Commissioner Adam Silver addressed a number of topics, including the Air Conditioning issues in San Antonio and the ongoing battle with Donald Sterling.

In regards to San Antonio’s trouble with the A/C, Silver said he was satisfied that the issue was resolved, but admitted it could have been handled better.

He said, though, that the league has never faced an issue like that in his 22 years working there, and that at no point did they even consider postponing or cancelling the game.

In regards to the Donald Sterling issues, Silver said the league probably should have done more investigating. He addressed the sale of the Clippers, too, saying the sale won’t be official until Sterling signs off on the document.

Sterling said he is hoping by selling the team, he will have the lifetime ban and the fine dropped. But Silver said yesterday that this won’t be the case and the sanctions will be enforced, even after the sale of the team.


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