News Headlines - July 15

Suspect involved in Ada Wal-Mart shooting incident makes first court appearance

A suspect involved in a shooting incident at an Ada Wal-Mart on Friday was in the court room yesterday to his initial appearance.

Twenty-six-year-old Cordell Tebe is accused of stealing from the Ada Wal-Mart and eluding police officers that ended with shots fired in the store’s parking lot.

OSBI says they are continuing to investigate if the shots fired at Tebe’s vehicle by the Ada police officer, who was an off-duty Roff police officer, were warranted by a legitimate threat.

At around 5 p.m. Friday, an off-duty Ada officer waited for Tebe to leave the store when she heard the crime reported over a police radio. OSBI says when he ran outside, he jumped inside a waiting pickup truck, and attempted to flee, nearly striking the officer.

She then fired at the truck in addition to the off-duty Roff reserve officer.

No one was injured by the gunfire.

After a short pursuit, officers shot out the tires of the truck and Tebe ran from the vehicle, then was quickly apprehended on foot. Tebe was arrested for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and felony eluding.

Additional time to file Tebe’s case has been requested due to the ongoing state investigation. He will next appear in court on August 20th.

Colbert residents asked to conserve water

Colbert residents are being asked to conserve water due to a shortage in the city’s supply.

At this time, city officials are asking residents not to water plants or lawns and to keep water usage to essentials such as drinking, cooking, bathing and washing.

There is no indication as to how long the issue will last.

Car pulled from Lake Texoma in Bryan County
Bryan County officials say they have removed a car from Lake Texoma and are warning lake-goers to be cautious during the summer when doing recreational activities on the lake.

The car was a Mercedes, but authorities aren’t convinced it was there due to a crime. Lake Patrol officials say people dump all kinds of strange, large items in the lake such as washers, refrigerators and even cars, but not necessarily because they are involved in a crime.

The car was found on the north Dike near State Highway 199 in Bryan County by a man who was swimming in the area. Authorities say during the summer, when water levels drop, the discovery of  more strange items such as this car could become more prevalent.

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