Sports Headlines - August 11

Rory caps 2014 with fourth major, PGA Championship

Rory McIlroy’s trip to Valhala this past weekend was not without reward.

The 25-year-old became only the fourth person in the past century to win four majors at 25 or younger, when he took the PGA Championship, his second major in a row, and capped an exciting 2014 golf year.

McIlroy was put on the main stage with Phil Mickelson, Rickie Fowler and Henrik Stenson on Sunday, all who had a share of the lead on the back nine. The final two hours of the match were filled with eagles and birdies, not to mention the tension and chaos on the leaerboard.

McIlroy said the PGA Championship was his most satisfying thus far, saying “to win in it in this fashion and this style, it means a lot. It means that I know that I can do it… I know that I can mix it up with the best players in the world down the stretch in a major and come out on top.”

McIlroy would finish under the lights in Louisville thanks to a two-hour rain delay earlier in the day, but it made for an amazing scene at the end when he hoisted the cup amid a crowd of cameras and his peers.

Stewart decides not to race after deadly accident at sprint car race

Tony Stewart decided late yesterday that he would not race in Sunday’s NASCAR Sprint Cup race after he struck and killed sprint car driver Kevin Ward, Jr. on Saturday, after Ward climbed out of his car and was on the track trying to confront Stewart during a race in upstate New York.

A video of the accident at Canandaigua Motorsports Park showed Ward walking toward Stewart’s car on the dimly lit dirt track before being hit and thrown nearly 50 feet. The race was under caution when Ward was struck as Ward had just been turned around and put into the wall, presumably by Stewart, on the previous lap.

Stewart was behind another car before he hit Ward. The car in front of him swerved to miss him, and Stewart presumably didn’t see him on the track until it was too late.

Stewart announced early on Sunday that he had planned on racing, but then decided it was best for him to sit out yesterday’s race at Watkins Glen.

Wiggins tells Self he wants to be traded

And Andrew Wiggins reportedly told Bill Self, his former head coach at KU, that he wants to be traded from Cleveland to Minnesota because he believes it would be better for his long-term future.

Wiggins is likely at the center of a pending trade between the Cavaliers and Minnesota to acquire Kevin Love. The deal cannot be made, however, until August 23rd when Wiggins is eligible to be traded.

Self said it’s a difficult situation for overall No. 1 pick, and that he was happy he could have had the opportunity to stay in Cleveland, but that he understands and said he’s looking forward to watching Wiggins play, no matter where he ends up.


Kent Richards